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Adcock Ingram Critical Care (Pty) Ltd
No.1 Sabax Road, Aeroton
Call: +27 11 494 8000
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Adcock Ingram - Critical Care

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Adcock Ingram Critical Care is a leading supplier of life saving products. The product portfolio includes intravenous fluids, renal dialysis systems, products for the storage of blood and blood components, infusion systems and accessories as well as a comprehensive range of wound care and ostomy products.

Based in Aeroton, Adcock Ingram Critical Care provides the only integrated medical grade plastics and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility on the continent. The facility was upgraded in 2012 attaining compliance with the International Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S).

Latest Medical News

POSTED: 24 Jun 2015
Adcock Ingram Launches New Customer Care Centre
Adcock Ingram Critical Care is proud to announce the launch of a state-of-the-art customer call centre, designed to make sure every customer receives the very best service, with shorter turnaround...
POSTED: 23 Jun 2015
Customer-focused Technical Team Established
In a move to service customers better and to ensure greater efficiencies, Adcock Ingram Critical Care has proudly launched the Adco Tech division to focus on technical support for internal...
Product List
Quickly scroll through the complete list of Adcock Ingram Critical Care products below.
•  5 Prong Manifold Set
•  AccuVein AV400
•  ALYX Double Red Cell Collection Kit
•  Anticoagulant Citrate Dextrose Solution USP Formula A 500 ml
•  Aquarius CRRT machine filter
•  Aquarius CRRT machine lines
•  BIEGLER BW 685/BW 685 S
•  Blood circuit
•  Blood Component Recipient Set
•  Cassette With Lines - Adult
•  Clean Cart Concept
•  Clean Cartridge Concept
•  Cycler Drainage Bag
•  Disconnect Y-Set with drainage bag (System 3)
•  Hand Sealer Clips
•  Hemoflow Transport Case
•  HemoFlow® 400 and 400XS Blood Collection Monitors and Mixers
•  Home Choice Set - Paediatric
•  KEXALATE® Powder
•  Medication Injection Site (Sampling Site Coupler)
•  Mini-cap
•  OPTIPRESS II Automatic Component Separator
•  Peritoneal Dialysis Set with drainage tubing
•  Peritoneal Drainage Bag
•  Plasma Transfer set with Spike and Needle Adapter
•  Pre-storage Leucodepletion Filter with Pre-attached Bag
•  Prismaflex CRRT machines sets
•  Protherm II
•  Quadruple transfer pack (150 ml each) with Coupler for Red Cells
•  Quadruple transfer pack (400 ml each) for Platelet Storage
•  Rocking Water Bath with Chiller
•  Sabax diasols
•  Single Blood-pack Unit with 70 ml CPDA-1 Anticoagulant Solution
•  Single Blood-pack Unit without Anticoagulant
•  Sodium Chloride 0.9 % 500 ml
•  Transfer Pack with Transfer Tube and Trocar Connector
•  Triple Blood-pack Unit with CPDA-1 Solution
•  Unpowered Hands Free Stand
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